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Breed Treat Bag

Breed Treat Bag


We present a delightful and tasty way to spoil your furry companion.

Featuring Simple and Delicious Ingredients:

  • Whole Wheat Flour: A wholesome foundation that provides essential nutrients for your pup's well-being.
  • Peanut Butter: Infused with flavor, peanut butter adds a delectable touch that dogs love.
  • Carrots: Packed with vitamins and crunch, carrots bring both nutrition and texture to these special treats.

Each bite is a tribute to the special connection you share with your pup. Crafted with care and affection, these treats are a wonderful blend of creativity and taste. Give your loyal companion a treat that's as unique and cherished as they are – a treat that will have their tail wagging with joy


9-12 pieces per bag.  Sizes vary depending on Breed. 



  • Additional Information:

    8-12 pieces per bag,  counta vary depending on breed.


    Each treat is expertly dehydrated to naturally prolong its shelf life, ensuring that every snack remains as fresh and delightful as the moment it was crafted.

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